QT Magazine - 2018-12-01


Your summer stars


with Lunar

Sagittarius NOV 23RD – DEC 21ST Rave reviews at work are leaving you feeling like the cat that caught the canary, big smiles and why not, you have earned this through hard work, dedication and the occasional outburst of crazy. Capricorn DEC 22ND – JAN 20TH Summer will see you a little frazzled you might feel like locking horns with someone either at work or in the family. Tension could run high, but all will be smoothed over by early December. Goats can often find themselves in tricky situations but do manage to find a solution to all problems. Aquarius JAN 21ST – FEB 19TH Aquarians are ready to take on the world this month – it could be a new gym membership or kicking goals within the workforce. If looking to change your career now is the time. Listen to what the Universe is telling you – all positive vibes are around you at present. Pisces FEB 20TH – MAR 20TH If hanging around home all day has got you feeling a little down, then take to the skies and find a dream destination. Travel is the only agenda so make sure your passport is up to date. Aries MAR 21ST – APR 20TH Summer is a great time to get your body into shape – we all know how much your appearance is important so get back out there and take to a new exercise routine. Not only will it give you a great mental and physical workout, you could just meet the soul mate of your dreams. Taurus APR 21ST – MAY 21ST Grab the bull by the horns, Taurus, it is time to plan your next big adventure. If thinking about furthering your career a certain amount of extra study will be beneficial. Investigate courses offered at universities or, if looking to improve your cooking skills, maybe investigate enrolling in a cookery class. Gemini MAY 22ND – JUNE 22ND Success is so near you can taste it. People are noticing your skills which is fantastic as you have worked long and hard to get there. Receive their accolades with graciousness and a killer smile. Cancer JUNE 23RD – JULY 23RD Cancer is the star sign of family, love and party. One thing that Cancer has in their favour is the ability to bounce back. Don’t party too hard as you may end up like the humble hermit crab hiding in their shell to recover. Leo JULY 24TH – AUG 23RD Pussycat, where have you been? It is time to take some time out to play with that ball of string or chase those coloured streamers. As the festive season approaches Leos will enjoy spending time with their family and friends. Virgo AUG 24TH – SEPT 24TH Overseas beckons. Whether you are on the journey solo or with someone special it will be the greatest time of your life. Fiercely dependent you will soon make yourself part of the community. Libra SEPT 24TH – OCT 23RD So much has happened since spring in a positive way, your career is so hectic right now you may be finding it hard to balance between home and work. It is easy really if work keeps you inspired and happy that is fantastic. Home life is right behind everything you do so you have the best of both worlds. Scorpio OCT 24TH – NOV 22ND In the lead up to the festive season the days are flying by quicker than you realise, for the usual very organised Scorpio it may put you into a bit of a head spin don’t panic. Circle a date in the calendar then take to the shops with vigour.


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