QT Magazine - 2018-12-01


Five reasons to go to a wedding alone



A LITTLE over a year a go I used this column to illustrate the number of weddings I had attended over the past decade. Some things never change. In October I attended weddings three and four for the year and I have another one to go. Next year is looking a little quiet, although there’s been a couple of engagements recently so no doubt there will be a few invitations in the mail. Another thing also remains unchanged – my marital status. I’ve been flying solo to all of these weddings. While countless movie plots have centred around sad singles attending their friends’ nuptials sans partner, I reckon it’s the most fun. And here’s why: 1. You don’t have to babysit anyone. There’s nothing worse than taking a date to a wedding and having to spend your time introducing them to people (particularly the bride and groom) and making sure they are having a good time. 2. No awkward couple questions. I was at a wedding with a date once and the other guests kept asking when it was going to be our turn. I wanted to answer “never” but thought that was a bit harsh. Anything else would have been a lie so I smiled and let someone else fill the awkward silence. 3. People feel sorry for you. Those in the coupledom pity party will often overcompensate in a misguided attempt to make up for your singleness. This leads them to make sure you always have a drink in hand and even swap meals if you prefer their offering in the alternate drop. 4. You are free to circulate. There’s always new friends to be made at a wedding and with your singledom comes freedom to move about the tables and get to know as many people as possible. 5. You can catch the last (or first) bus home. There’s nothing worse than having an amazing time at an event and having it cut short because your date wants to pike out early. Alternatively, if the party’s not happening and you want to get out of there and find another one (you wouldn’t want to waste the hair and makeup) you can.


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