QT Magazine - 2018-12-01


How to add fresh value to your home



SO MANY of us love our homes – a place to rest, hide away from our busy schedule, somewhere to share with our families and friends. The décor of your home not only brings you comfort and tranquillity, if you make the right inspiring choices, the place you call home could be a rewarding investment and personal savings plan. From the first impression to the last glance, these spaces seamlessly combine form, functionality and style. Setting the scene for your entire home through the natural warmth of bamboo and timber designs, to luxurious carpet that invites you to kick off your shoes, or with a rug to add to the natural allure of your timber designs – each style is defined by the materials used from the floor up. When choosing the right combinations for your window dressings, light fittings, and your choice of paint – all choices need to stay on trend. Review these every five to seven years as they are essential and easy value-adders. Adding value to any home generally involves adding or updating features in some form, for example interior décor (flooring, window furnishings, walls and appliances). Consider adding additional new spaces for extra value, providing they seamlessly integrate and flow with the existing floor plan. Often considered the heart of the home, create open-plan living spaces balancing style and practicality, to add a positive impact to older homes. Bathrooms and kitchens are all big-ticket items. These spaces may need minor updates after seven to 10 years. Keeping on track will give you the benefits of your upgrades along with the added value to your property.


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